The history/stories of TPLF

By Zerihun

This morning I saw a video or TV-interview from ESAT through YouTube click here to watch and was wondering whether Ethiopian people would consider TPLF as a legitimate political party in Ethiopian politics if they knew the true stories/history of the TPLF and especially if they knew the biography of our current leaders including Meles.  The person in the interview seemed to me genuine and responsible in telling the stories/history of TPLF.

In this post-modern world it should be the basic right of citizens within a state to seek for information regarding the biography of their political leaders or know many things about their leaders. I belief good leaders are made not born. That means their social and political experience or the diverse situations in their social environment or history has direct implication in the nature and quality of their Leadership.

What ever explanation could there be in defence of what the current Ethiopian leaders did in the past, there is no legal or ethical ground to make  what they did and what happened a secret  – Ethiopian people have the right to know what each of them did- both as a person and as a member of their political party especially, in regard to the human right, ethical conduct,  their stand and psotion regarding Ethiopian sovereignty etc.., .


2 thoughts on “The history/stories of TPLF

  1. Dear Zeryehun,

    I watched the ESAT video. As you rightly said the person seems to be telling stories that he thinks are true and as best he remembers. However, it doesn’t gurantee that what he was telling is “the-truth – nothing-but-the truth”. Persons in the likes of Siye or Gebru or Tamrat for that matter who had been major actors at least up to 1991 and even beyond could have told more reliable stories. But they so far have taken low profile on these issues, probably because they could implicate their own selves in telling the true story. The other thing, of course, is that what they did post 1991(both told and untold) is most likely much more worse than the pre-1991. Some one has to do a well-balanced documentary about it so that people of all colors would know about the truth. What do you think? Would you venture into it?

  2. I do generally agree with your argument that there is more to know than what is told. I also support that idea that there all information or stories that affect the lives of people must be disclosed. But I do not think I am the right person to do this job. There is also no one truth. I do not expect a religious kind of truth. Neither i think a single documentary or text will provide a balanced vew on the issue. What I am supporting is the free access to and expression of all views and ideas. It is only when we let people including tplf itself expressing themselves that we have a greater opportunity to understand the situation and the actors who affect our life directly or indirectly. This is importnat for our future.

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